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Anthropos: Lively Thought at Cornell


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Anthropos: Lively Thought at Cornell is an online review that builds on the exciting intellectual spaces being generated in the field of anthropology at Cornell. As new types of media emerge at an increasing pace, the venues for academic discussions have expanded beyond traditional formats. Anthropos is inspired by the contemporary online journals and blogs that are raising the level of public and academic debates, bringing scholarly work to bear on the most important political, social, economic and aesthetic questions of our day. Through Anthropos, we strive to bring the discussion of anthropology in all of its forms to the broader public. By publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed writing, this review enables us to facilitate provocative conversations among our students, faculty, alumni, and visiting scholars as well as to open up these conversations to the public.

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Anthropos: Lively Thought at Cornell

In an effort to recognize the diversity of ways in which our many anthropological methods can be put to use in communicating about research and related topics, we showcase a broad array of material. You will find audiovisual explorations alongside textual think-pieces, interviews with scholars, and reviews of new and exciting works in the subfields.

We ask graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, alumni, and visiting scholars to submit pieces that arise out of their current work. This can include, for example, analysis or editorials or contemporary events in your fieldsite or related to your specialty, narratives about research and the broader significance of particular findings, or articulations of an emerging debate or turn in the discipline. Anthropos  regularly circulated CFPs that are intended to deepen an ongoing conversation or address a timely issue; they are not however a strict set of parameters. You are welcome to submit unsolicited writing at any time and also encouraged to submit pieces that respond to those prompts within their deadlines.

Geophysical survey under the British repeater station at Tochni-Lakksia. Gerard-Little. 2011. 

We look forward to working with you,

Emily Levitt and Charis Boke, Editors-in-Chief

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